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Announcement Community Update - March 2017

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Mar 28, 2017.

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    Community Update


    PRTA Presents: Community Update | March 29th 2017

    In this issue: we're recruiting, get involved; PR status, scheduled downtime & continued success; Squad update (and Linux files); update about the one-life event gameplay; plans for future events; thankyou to all the donors; new FFTF and one-life event videos.

    We're recruiting

    As a growing number of people are becoming busier with real-life things - getting jobs, promotions, starting families, &c - we need some more help to keep PRTA running smoothly and to improve what we can offer. We need people with a wide range of skills, in particular:

    Technical people. We need more help with operations and system administration. This is great for those who are already familiar with the basics of Linux/Unix and are interested in learning how to use that in a complex real-life situation with real users. At least one person has already got a good job as a result of experience gained with us, so a genuine interest in this field is appreciated.

    Sociable people. As any unit leader should be able to tell you, we try to regularly keep in contact with the units and to make sure that any issues they are having are dealt with, but we need more people to help out with this. We also need people to help lead some special units which are run by the PRTA community instead of independently on behalf of their own members, and help to recruit more people into the community. People with an interest in using their social skills as a central part of their career would be able to learn a lot from helping us out here.

    Great communicators. We're still in need of people to help keep our media team running smoothly, people to help keep the community up-to-date with what's going on, and people to help advertise PRTA so that we can get more people involved in the community and the wider playerbase for the games we play. People with an interest in learning how to run properly organised advertising/media campaigns would be ideal.

    We are primarily interested in people who are already part of the community, who want to help out more, and who would be able to spend more than 5 hours per week on improving their skills whilst helping us out. If this sounds like you then please:



    @PR Players

    We'd like to inform everyone of some scheduled downtime in early April. On the 5th/6th our server provider will be moving our main game server to a new location with a guaranteed 1Gbps internet connection. The PR servers may be moved to an alternate location at that time, depending on how advanced/successful our testing for an infrastructure upgrade is.

    In other news, with around 200 concurrent PR players during that event and fairly consistently reaching around 25,000-30,000 hours of gameplay each month we seem to be doing something right!

    @Squad Players

    Most of you have probably noticed that a new update has been released. Our server is updated and running, so please help us get it seeded. You also help keep it running smoothly by joining the Squad admin team, or applying for one the other roles described below if there is anything particularly relevant to you. Don't forget to report any issues with the game to the Squad DEVs - as much detail as possible is needed as many bugs can be quite difficult to track down.

    We've also noticed that Linux server files are now available, so reserved slots should be just around the corner! Whilst migrating Squad to a Linux host we'll need your help to make sure that we retain good performance, so try to populate the server daily to allow us to get the data we need for comparisons.

    The results of a recent poll indicate that Squad remains one of the most popular games here, which should mean that many of you will be pleased to see a new release.


    In light of the last One-Life event we apologise for the delayed start. Some unexpected issues appeared at the last minute, but thankfully everything ran smoothly after it got started. If you want to help make things like this run more smoothly in the future then keep reading - we are trying to recruit people for a wide variety of roles at the moment and there are more details below.

    Please post a 'thank you' to all of the people that were involved in getting the event running and keeping everyone informed of what was going on. I'm sure they'll appreciate it after spending around 2 hours debugging it.

    You might have seen some changes on the One-Life gameplay in the last two events. With reinventing and polishing the idea, Arnoldio wants to bring out the most exploit-proof gameplay. Focus is now more than ever taken from the "meta" skill and transferred to the actual tactics. Golden Beach (Muttrah City) was a testbed for beach landings and we almost "accidentally" introduced vehicles with no respawn. Kit requesting restrictions were also put in to prevent situational kit changes, and were further polished for the Broken Tension (Burning Sands) event. It was said almost half a year ago that One-Life "settings" are final and set in stone, but he keeps finding changes to improve the immersion.

    Both events of the "new era" were successful, which pushes us forward to create more. And more we have indeed - The next one, date to be announced, will feature full scale combined arms offensive! In the future, we are planning to create even more focused roleplay or objective based events to further elevate the levels of immersion and unforgettable experience. As seen below, we also record these events for you to relive the experience. A big thank you for all the other youtubers outside of PRTA or PR community who cover and meticulously edit these events!


    As many of you know our community was also challenged for a friendly community match against Russian Reality, but unfortunately we lost. We congratulate our eastern friends on their skill and organisation in-game.

    Finally, you may have noticed the abbreviation OUT flying around. If any of you are wondering what is it we can now tell you that a special tournament is just around the corner! Keep an eye on our announcements over the following days/weeks for more information. For the moment, we can tell you that the tournament will welcome every style of gameplay and we are expecting all community leaders and especially clan leaders to be prepared for what could be the ultimate showdown of squad-level tactics. Stay tuned!

    PRTA warmly thanks for donations from December to March

    Everything you see here is FREE. The forums, unit support, 500-client capacity TeamSpeak 3 server, PR live, event & training servers, Squad live & training server etc. Well, actually, it doesn't come free - it costs a lot to run; but it doesn't have to cost you a penny, unless you want it to. If it wasn't thanks to the generous donations of our community members, literally none of this would be possible.

    We want warmly thank everyone kindly donating since December 1st up to today and kept the lights on around here. In no particular order:

    All donations really do make a difference, so please:


    Footage From The Frontline

    And now for what you've all been waiting for: the "Footage From The Frontline" (FFTF) videos series by deviro continue! You can find them on our YouTube channel. Here are the latest ones:

    More on our channel and more to come!

    You can also take a look at how PRTA One Life events work out, here's deviro's videos of PRTA One-Life Event - Golden Beach 18th February
    and PRTA One-Life Event - Broken Tension - 18:00 PRT, 18th March 2017:

    Thanks for reading,

    - PRTA Management

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