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Announcement Community Update - 18th December

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Providing information for the PRTA community
    Robot Factory

    Community Update


    PRTA Presents: Community Update - 18th December
    Forum changes and new features

    Better squad sidebar
    Our forum's sidebar has been revamped. Now also the new Squad banner is better uniform with forum style. The new banner is produced by BattleMetrics. (PR and TS are Gametracker banners tailored to fit our forum style).


    The main reasons to deploy this new paid service are:
    1. It offers more data from server than the old and some other Squad banner services: e.g. server rank and status, player count and real time players online graph (the graph alternatives are, 24h, 7 days and real time).
    2. RCON possibility to control and administrate the server - even in mobile phone browser.
    3. Customizability with CSS.
    4. Realtime update of statistics.
    Our Server page - which you find in top menu - has been revamped as well. Teamspeak info is also back in banner again, it was brought back as seen needed and wanted.


    Rolling notices
    We have started to use XenForo timed rolling notices to broadcast topical info for both certain user groups and general public. Notices pop up between navigation bar and forum title. If You aven't seen any, it's because notices can be set up to show based on myriad settings e.g. certain time frames, date or weekday, user group and many more attributes. Below you can see examples. The small tabs under notice box indicate each active notice.

    Banners can be deployed as well:

    A new announcement template
    We are also proud to present revamped announcement template with some new banner options, style, colours and a revamped footer containing image links to all our "corporate" channels: News forums, News RSS feed, Teamspeak, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and email. This is one part of PRTA visual identity (lite version) project by Temexter.

    Forum sidebar block order
    Moreover, we have been pondering what would be the best order for sidebar blocks and which are actually useful, offering important info enough to preserve a slot in sidebar. Would you like server banners being higher in sidebar, e.g. under shoutbox or Recent posts? Do you think there is useless blocks or something usable and valuable missing? Just drop a couple of lines into this thread and we will evaluate the opinions and options...

    We hope all these enhancement make your stay at PRTA even more pleasing and fun :wink:

    One Life Events

    Please give a big hand to Arnoldio who joined PRTA's Events Team a while ago (after the recent One Life - Sbeneh Outskirts event, behind which he was the mastermind). Fresh blood brings fresh ideas, and he's already got a couple more things up his sleeve.

    Despite some hickups, feedback has was outstanding with the vast majority of players saying they had the most exhilarating Project Reality experience ever. We look forward to giving you more of what you want!

    Our techies and coders have done a lot of customization and new features e.g. created plugin to add custom functionality for One Life event and loads of improvements to 1L event code. Significant refactoring has happened to make it more modular/extensible, but it still needs to be ported to PR v1.4.

    Footage From The Frontline

    Last month we announced a series of YouTube videos called "Footage From The Frontline" (FFTF) by deviro on our YouTube channel. Here's some of the latest ones:

    More on our channel and more to come!

    PRTA warmly thanks for donations in October and November

    Everything you see here is FREE. The forums, unit support, 500-client capacity TeamSpeak 3 server, PR live, event & training servers, Squad live & training server etc. Well, actually, it doesn't come free - it costs a lot to run; but it doesn't have to cost you a penny, unless you want it to. If it wasn't thanks to the generous donations of our community members, literally none of this would be possible.

    We want warmly thank you all everyone kindly donating since September 29th up to today and kept the lights on around here:

    Looking for Editor

    Regarding our forums and communications in general we are now in bad need of an able Editor. It's an essential role in our communications department.

    You need to be a native speaker, have writing skills, ability to produce fluent and fancy text and naturally experience in publishing. Your main responsibility is to produce PRTA announcements, thus you need besides editorial skills creativity and imagination to refine ”raw text” and stream of consciousness from our departments (leads).

    Our media team will help you with banners and other illustration, when custom/one-off ones are needed and suitable. We have standard banners and logos (and a load other relevant images) in our Media library and we have an announcement template as well, these are your primary tools.

    If you are interested and feel this is your kind of role, don't hesitate to check the role description and drop a application here.

    As PRTA is a non-profit organization (all donations are used to cover server hosting, software licenses, DNS services, &c) unfortunately you won't get paid, but instead you'll get loads of glory and fame and naturally a huge chocolate chips cookie ;-). Volunteering can also help you get a better job in the future, as some of PRTA's current staff have discovered first-hand.

    And last but not least: we would like to give a big hand and a hug to Heskey for dedicated and excellent work as Editor and we wish him all good in his life and future challenges!

    In other news...

    Squad Server

    Removal of Seedling Information, Groups & Application - Join our admin team, instead!

    PR:BF2 Server

    After K_Rivers returned changes had been made afoot from head to toe; no stone will be left unturned:
    • Rules
    • Staff
    • Processes
    • Policies
    • Procedures
    • Internal Forums
    Operations department
    • Duplicate general discussion forums fixed - single general discussion forum now in public area.
    • LoA forum moved to member forums - non-members don't even need to know it exists.
    • Assisted PR:BF2 DEVs in an licencing issue
    • Migrated to new PR:BF2 server licencing scheme. Unfortunaletely a bunch op people lost access to realitymod.com SA Private Forums, because we had earlier several licence holders :/
    Tech department
    • R&D for containerisation to allow multiple back-end improvements.
    • Improvements to one-life codebase.
    • Server usage metrics being regularly provided directly to admin teams.
    • Looking for ops people/sysadmins.


    Vote for Project Reality if you havent already, time runs out...

    The winter is coming, get your winter camos ready and see ya on our servers!

    - PRTA Management

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