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Realitymod.com C12 - SITREP #5 (Operation #2, Operation #3)

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Feb 15, 2017.

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    Hello PRT Community!

    First of all, due the downtime of realitymod.com we were not able to post an announcement about the ending of Operation 2 and because the first battle of Operation 3 has already been played, you will get a report of this battle as well.

    The battle for Grozny finished the second Operation and can be reviewed HERE. Both teams started with a cautious deployment, settling in along the river dividing the map, probing for opportunities. When APN managed to breach the defensive line and establish a bridgehead, they seized the opportunity and forced EMC to abandon their positions, securing a strong position on the other side of the river. While EMC came close to retaking the area during multiple offensives, APN managed to hold their firm grip on the territory, closing the battle with a 201 ticket lead.



    After Operation Frostbite concluded in a draw, APN picked Operation Guardian as the third operation to be played in the tournament, starting with Saaremaa. Both teams once again deployed safely and secured ground cautiously, until the frontlines established along the roads between Oressaare, Radio Relay and Airfield. An initial breakthrough of APN east of Oressare was repelled by EMC and followed up by a successful counterattack on Supply Depot. From this new position, EMC continued to apply pressure towards lighthouse, when APN decided to boldly move their armour into the dense forests. That risk paid off, scattering the hapless EMC infantry. EMC managed to rally quickly and pull off a tactical retreat to a stronger defensive position. APN had to pay dearly for every meter of ground retaken and were halted before coming close to the decisive Radio Relay position. EMC then relied on their strong defensive position to sustain their advantage for the remainder of the battle, closing the battle with a 102 tickets lead.

    If you would like to watch this battle yourself, you can do that right HERE.​



    The next battle will take place in Vadso City and can potentially be the final one for this campaign.

    EMC is awarded two points for their victory on Saaremaa, which means the campaign draws to a close already: If EMC wins the next battle, they get two bonus points for winning the entire operation in addition to the two points they get from winning the battle, bringing them up to the eight points needed to win the tournament.

    APN have proven to be highly skilled and have shown their strategical expertise over the course of this campaign. They will not simply surrender victory to EMC, which is why we are looking forward to the fierce and tense fights that will stir up the sleepy, scenic coast of Vadso City.


    Operation Guardian has begun! As you can see on our Operation page, we will continue Operation Guardian by playing Vadso City next.


    Operation Guardian

    Date: 25th of February, 2017.
    Time: Battle start: 19:00 PRT
    Map: Vadso City
    No-Go Zone Rules: Vadso City



    APN & EMC Reserve Signups are still open!
    There are still slots open, sign up and be part of PRT C12! First come, First Served!

    Check the How do I Signup thread for more information. Make sure you subscribe to that thread and never miss the signups again.

    And that's all for now folks. See you again in two weeks with the next announcement right after the battle!


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