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Realitymod.com C12 - SITREP #1 - Official PR Tournament

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Nov 21, 2016.

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    Hello PRT Community!

    Both Preparation Battles have been played and we in the PRT Administration would like to thank both teams for the great games we got to watch (you can watch them too, press HERE). We would also like to congratulate the teams for their victories in these two first battles.

    Operation Marlin was played first with EMC as MEC and APN as the French Forces. EMC won this 38 - 0. The second battle was fought on Burning Sands with EMC again playing as MEC against APN playing as GB; this time APN took the win 139 - 0.


    Since each team won one battle, the team with most tickets left in the end gets to choose the first operation to be played. This will be APN since they had 139 tickets to EMC's 38. Now, it gets a little tricky; EMC will choose one map to be played, but can also ban one map from the operation if they so desire. APN will then choose a second map from the remaining and decide which one will be played first.

    The administration is so far very pleased with the team balance; we feel like this is going to be one of the most exciting campaigns yet, especially with AlonTavor and Yosik's Reality Tracker. Great job on that one guys!



    After 7 months of hard work the Project Reality Tournament is back in WAR MODE. This means that from here on out everything that the teams will do is going to count towards winning the campaign! It's time for the teams to prepare for the first campaign battle.

    APN have chosen Operation Rising Sun and to play Xiangshan first. EMC banned Battle of Ia Drang from the Operation and chose the second map played to be Wanda Shan. To check out our operations click HERE.

    Date: 3rd of December 2016
    Time: Briefing start: 18:00 | PRTBattle start: 19:00 PRT
    Map: Xiangshan AAS STD
    Teams: PLA: APN | FR: EMC
    No-Go Zone Rules: Click Here


    PR Tournament Website
    How-To Sign-Up
    Tournament FAQ
    Tournament Rules
    Battle & Practice Schedule
    Project Reality Discord


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