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Kicked _MOTOROLA_ - PR Ban - PRTA | EU - prteamwork.com

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by YKROPOREZKA, Mar 24, 2017.

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    Feb 5, 2017
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    Nickname: _MOTOROLA_
    PRBF2 Hash Key: 4c8d00eb2944aa04c130d894e46d85cf

    Responsible Admin: Vatsug
    Server: PRTA | EU - prteamwork.com
    Date: Mar 25, 2017
    Time: 20:03
    Map: Dragon Fly

    Reason: No reason
    Personal Notes:
    I got kicked out from the server by the admin for no reason. From the beginning of the round my squad have taken good position near the unknow cash and started defend this position from the enemy squad. We needed suppies and i told at least 7 times that we need a suppy truck. But the famous Vatsug with his squad told me that i am dumb and they will not give us the supplies to build an fob. By the way this person kept building some useless fobs in the city and do not engaged in the clashes near the known cash, just making their score better. So after he told me that i am dumb i said to him that he is a poor boy and he warned me for this)) After that i typed in the chat "Who gave to the vatsug admin rights because he is too intellegent for this" and was kicked out from the server.

    So i apply to the PRTA main admins to revoke admin rights from vatsug because he used his rights for banning squadleaders that just wanted supplies to build an fob at the unknow)

    Your Ban Appeal has been filed with the Administration Team.

    The outcome of your appeal will take 2 weeks.

    The result of your appeal vote will be announced here
    Any attempt to circumvent a server ban will result in permanent removal from the server.

    PRTA Administration Team
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    Nov 20, 2011
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    Before filing an appeal make sure you are not temporarily banned.
    Invalid Appeals will be closed if filed.

    You're kicked... Read before you raise an appeal please

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