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Project Reality Server Rules

PRTA Project Reality Server Rules

1. Communication

    1. All players must have a working microphone and correctly configured Mumble.
    2. Do not spam allchat, Mumble or the CommoRose at any time.
    3. English is the server language.
    4. !r is only to be used for reporting problems on the server. Spamming it, or abusing it for any other reason is prohibited.

2. Squads

    1. Squads must not be created before the pre-round timer reaches 2:00.
    2. It's prohibited to lock INFANTRY squads with less than 6 players.
    3. Free kit squads are prohibited. All squads must work cohesively and for the benefit of the team.
    4. Do not join a squad and take a kit without asking the Squad Leader first.
    5. Do not take kits assigned to other Squad Members without permission from your Squad Leader first.
    6. All players must obey the in-game hierarchy and follow orders. Squad Members must follow the orders of their Squad Leader. Squad Leaders must follow the orders of their Commander.
    7. All Squad Leaders of INFANTRY and MECHANISED INFANTRY squads must use the OFFICER kit when the squad has between 2-8 players, unless the Squad Leader is operating the asset.
    8. RECON squads are prohibited. RECON troops must join the CAS squad, or an INFANTRY squad if a CAS squad does not exist. In all cases, RECON troops must actively assist the squad that they are part of, and not operate independently of the team.

3. Assets & Claiming

    1. Heavy assets: Tanks, APCs, CAS, bomb cars/trucks, any vehicle equipped with missiles, and mortars. All heavy assets are prohibited while there are less than 50 active players on the server, unless explicitly allowed by an admin.
    2. Claimable assets, with 'generic' squad names:
      1. Naming: A squad name must be obvious as to what the squad intends to claim, for example "armor" or "armour" is acceptable to claim the "ARMOUR" assets. However "Transexual" or "Armour Waste" is not clear. The validity of a claim will be determined by an admin if necessary.
      2. ARMOUR: All tanks, IFVs, scout and anti-tank vehicles, including SPG and rocket technicals.
      3. APC: All APCs that are not categorized as IFVs or anti-tank vehicles.
      4. CAS (Close Air Support): Attack reconnaissance aircraft and AAV vehicles. If there are no CAS aircraft, the AAV may not be claimed, and is subject to the same asset claim rules as light vehicles.
      5. TRANSPORT: Dedicated to transportation and logistics. Includes Transport Helicopters.
        • Assets may be requested for use by other squads from the TRANSPORT squad if the Squad Leader permits it.
      6. MECH INF:
        • Multiple MECH INF squads are permitted.
        • MECH INF may claim an APC once it has more than 6 members.
        • MECH INF choose which APC they want to use first, then the APC squad can use what’s left.
        • MECH INF can only claim one APC per a squad at any time.
      7. MORTARS - It's prohibited to lock MORTARS squad with less than 4 players.
      8. APC:
        • MECH INF choose which APC they want to use first, then the APC squad can use what’s left.
        • APC squads must abide by the decisions of MECH INF squads regarding which vehicles they may use when both squads are in a position to claim an asset.
    3. General asset claims:
      1. Where not otherwise defined, the squad which has been waiting the longest for an asset to spawn gets the asset(s).
      2. At the start of a round the waiting time starts when a squad is created; so the first squad to be created gets the asset(s).
      3. There is no limit to the number of squads permitted, except if the number of squads exceeds the number of suitable assets available for which a squad has been named.
      4. Asset squads that would require more assets than are available are considered duplicate squads.
      5. Asset claims must be made between the time an asset has spawned and the time it leaves the base. Other factors contained within this section must also be taken into consideration.
      6. An asset which has previously been claimed legally cannot be claimed by a different squad unless that asset has been abandoned.
    4. All vehicles must be manned by competent personnel.
    5. Vehicles must be manned by the minimum number of personnel required to operate it effectively. This means both a driver and gunner in armed vehicles, including AA vehicles.
    6. 50cal. Technicals, logistics vehicles, ammo trucks and civilian cars cannot be claimed by any squad; the first player to enter the vehicle claims it. If someone else then takes it without the owner's permission, then the vehicle is considered to have been stolen.
    7. Duplicate asset squads are prohibited unless approved by the original squad.

4. Forbidden Tactics

    1. Suicide tactics are forbidden except for suicide vehicles.
    2. Intentional road-killing is prohibited, i.e. using your vehicle as a weapon.
    3. You are prohibited from attacking the opposing team’s first capable flag or any flag on the way to it from their main base until 15 minutes of gameplay has elapsed; unless it is active in the AAS order, or you are able to spawn on it.
    4. C4 is allowed to be placed anywhere but may not be dropped from moving vehicles.
    5. Attacking the last flag on Skirmish layers & seeding maps is prohibited. Admins will !say when you’re permitted to attack the last flag.
    6. Intentional team-killing is prohibited at all times. Apologise for accidents.
    7. Caches may not be destroyed below 15v15 players, unless explicitly allowed by an admin.
    8. Holding position outside of a Forward Operating Base's deactivation radius with intention to harvest kills as a player spawns is forbidden under any circumstances.
    9. Operating airborne transport helicopters with the intention of using them as an offensive attack vehicles is forbidden under any circumstances.

5. Cheats and Glitches

    1. Cheating and glitching is prohibited.
    2. Any person suspected of cheating may be removed from the server until the incident can be further investigated.
    3. Discussing cheats, glitches or server attacks via in-game chat or Mumble will result in your removal from the server pending an investigation.

6. Behaviour

    1. You must comply with the admin team.
    2. Intentionally insulting any player by any means is prohibited. We expect you to be mature and respectful at all times.
    3. Racism is prohibited.
    4. It is prohibited to supply information about player and asset locations, number of deployed assets or ticket count to the enemy team.
    5. Sabotaging your team, either directly or indirectly is prohibited.
    6. Refrain from debating admin decisions in-game. If you disagree with an admin's decision, please join us on our TeamSpeak server or create a report on our forums to solve the issue.
    7. Do not advertise or recruit for other clans or communities whilst on our server.
    8. Streaming on the server is prohibited unless it has been authorized by the admins.
    9. Inappropriate player and squad names will be removed from the server. This includes anything that is deemed in any way inappropriate, offensive, derogatory or inflammatory.
    10. Impersonating any individual, especially administrators is forbidden.

7. Teamwork and Gameplay

    1. All players and squads must work cohesively and for the benefit of the team in an organized and efficient manner.
    2. All PRTA members, leaders, admins, managers and heads of PRTA must follow server rules and can suffer the same consequences as other non-member players.
    3. Members with switch rights may switch only their members. It is up to the admins judgment to decide if a player may switch to the other side or not. If needed, admins will inform the leader of the unit that he needs to switch his members to the other team as a means of balancing the teams.
    4. Disruptive gameplay is prohibited. Disruptive gameplay is defined as any act that is detrimental to server gameplay. This includes; team-killing, purposely unbalancing teams, glitching, hacking or cheating, firing or launching weapons in main bases, and jumping on vehicles. This list is not exhaustive.
    5. Insurgency caches may be destroyed earlier at admin discretion if it isn't deemed as detrimental to gameplay.

8. DOD & Base

    1. Attacking main bases and repair stations is prohibited. This includes camping the DoD and any choke point leading out of it.The only exception to this rule is when the main base is an active and cap-able flag.
    2. Engaging enemy air assets whilst they are taking off from a main base is prohibited.
    3. All players are expected to leave their main base as quickly as is reasonable. Any disruptive behaviour in main base is prohibited.
    4. No assets may be built inside your teams DoD.

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