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Mumble Guide

General Information

This is a Public BETA testing the client and the server in high loads. You can download the installer bellow, and don't worry, it won't affect your current mumble installation.


To download the latest version of the public PR Mumble beta, please click the following link:

Participating Server

With the beginning of the version, only the few listed servers were participating in the testing.
  • TG - Tactical Gamer (United States)
  • =]H[= HARDCORE (United States)
  • [NEW] New Era Warfare (Germany)
  • PRTA - Teamwork Alliance (Germany)
  • *NwA* - Noobs with Attitude (United Kingdom)
  • CBPR - Comunidade Brasileira de PR (Brazil)
  • Pelitutka.fi (Finland)
  • VBIOS (Ukraine)
After a few weeks of preperation time, everyone who is running a server is allowed to apply for a mumble channel.

How to use it?

PR Mumble

After starting the program you are automatically connected to the Project Reality Official Mumble server. There is a setup wizard when you run the program the first time. The program remembers your nickname and you connect right away. Easy.

After joining the PR Mumble server, that's about it! You don't have to do anything else. You don't have to know what channel to join, which team is on which channel, etc. You get automatically moved to the right channel when you join a server in-game. If you disconnect from the in-game server you get moved out of the channel -no more spamming trolls. Awesome.

There's a new structure in place, where each squad has their own sub-channel.

new channel list

Again, you don't need to manually change channels when joining a squad in-game, our server does that automatically for you. You will always be in the right place to talk to the right people.

This allows for a more complete set of communication lines between the team (the default shortcuts can be changed in the settings):

  • Local Speech (default H): you talk to players in the 3D world in a radius around you.
  • Squad Radio (default NUM 0): you talk to your squad, no matter where they are, like BF2 voip B.
  • Squad Leader to all Squad Leaders Radio (default NUM *): you talk to all Squad Leaders in the team.
  • Squad Leader to specific Squad Leader Radio (default NUM 1-9): you talk to a specific Squad Leader in the team.
  • Squad Leader to Commander Radio (default NUM /): you talk to only the Commander, like BF2 voip V.
  • Commander to all or specific Squad Leaders Radio: same as described above, but starting with the Commander.
Now you can communicate to one specific friendly-squad without bothering any other Squadleaders via the Squad Leader Radio. If used properly, this can be amazing for keeping comms clear and useful.

Fixed Bugs

The following bugs were fixed since the last releases:
  • Getting unlinked when flying high or around map edges.

Running PR Mumble

Run PR:Mumble as Administrator to avoid issues with Battlefield 2 not linking. Tests have shown that it varies from computer to computer.

You should see a "Battlefield 2 linked" message in the PR:Mumble sidebar when logging in PR. If that message pops-up, you are good to go.


If people do not hear you talking or if you cannot hear other people talking, 'check your Input/Outpud devices' in PR:Mumble settings. Change from 'default' to the specific hardware you want to use.

Commander doesn't hear Squad Leaders talking to all Squad Leaders.

Squad Leader 8 can't hear other Squad Leaders talking specifically to him - NUM 8.

Keyboard specification

Local Speech (default: H) 3D oppositional Voip to close proximity players
Squad-Radio (default: Num 0) Voip to all members in squad, like BF2 Voip (B)
Squad-Leader Radio (default: *) Voip to all Squad Leaders within team
Exclusive-Squad-Leader-Radio (default: NUM 1-9) Voip to a specific Squad Leader
Squad-Leader-to-Commander-Radio (default: NUM /) Voip only to Commander, like BF2 Voip (V)

Mumble does not link me!

PR Mumble uses the intro movie files of Project Reality (located in: Battlefield 2 Folder/mods/pr/movies/), to link you. If you removed or renamed both of them, so that none of those will be replayed when starting Project Reality, PR Mumble will not link you.
Solution: If it's possible, please rename the files to their default names. Else, download the original ones here: link.

Jun 28, 2011
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