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Firstly, the Project Reality Team would like to say a big thank you to all those who attended the team's inaugural Project Reality Conference - PR CON 2011. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as the team did, and it was a fantastic opportunity for us to mingle with a cross section of the community who play PR in its various guises.

So why the News post?
Whilst PR CON 2011 served a purpose of bringing the developers and community members face to face, we should not forget that the event was organised as a charity event, in support of Help for Heroes.

In light of this, we would like to announce that from now until 1st October 2011, all donations made via the PR Donation System will...
by semtex at 20:32
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General Information

The attachment and image upload is working again. The built-in flash uploader caused some problems. It has been disabled and changed to an alternative one based on JavaScript.

Everyone may now upload attachments and so on again.

  • maximum filesize has been increased to 2048 KB (~ 2MB)
  • PLEASE upload any image to PRTA forums, to decrease the website loading time (instead of using external image/file hosters)
  • uploadable file types: zip, txt, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif

- semtex
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The award winning Project Reality Team is proud to announce the official release of Project Reality: ARMA 2 v0.1 BETA!

After countless hours of development, thousands of code changes and an intensive testing period, we are pleased to announce the general availability of the Project Reality: ARMA 2 v0.1 BETA modification. You can download and install the mod one of three ways. The easiest way is via a self-installer.exe. The second is to use Desura, a powerful digital distribution application. The final and most difficult way is to download a ZIP to manually install. To avoid any potential problems, we strongly advise all users to use either the self-installer.exe or Desura to install the mod.

Thanks to several direct link providers, there are a number of mirrors available to download Project Reality: ARMA 2,...
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It has been a long 18 months since the initial concept of Project Reality: ARMA 2 was announced and today the Project Reality Team is proud to announce that work has finally concluded on its first release. The final release date has officially been set for Project Reality: ARMA 2 v0.1 BETA:

Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 18:00:00
PRT (Project Reality Time) / UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
What started as a mere concept has now progressed to our first public BETA build. As was expected for a new mod, with an all new team, developing a new concept, we have experienced a lot of turbulence over the past 18 months. Most of the community may think that we have been developing PR:ARMA2 fully for 18 months now, however realistically there has only been about 9 months of actual development work. Although there have been several changes...
by semtex at 13:29
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Hello guys,

PRTA was down for a few days. In this time, we moved the website to another server. The domain (prteamwork.com) will follow in a few days. There will be possibly a downtime of few hours again.

The Tournament part of the site is not restored yet, but will also follow.

If you locate any errors on the website, please contact me anyway!

by PRTA Bot at 13:17
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As most of you are all already aware of, the upcoming release of the Project Reality: ARMA 2 modification is going to be BETA only. The primary goal of this first release is to incorporate the Project Reality style of gameplay into the ARMA 2 game. With that said, some assets have not been included in the v0.1 BETA build. However, we have included a few placeholders to cover what assets did not make it in. The aim of PR:ARMA2 remains to thoroughly test the PR gameplay and ensure we prove the concept before we continue adding other assets into the mod.


Project Reality: ARMA 2 Manual
The Project Reality Team is proud to announce the first official release of the Project Reality: ARMA 2 Manual. There are currently two different versions of the manual available for download: an interactive PDF that contains instructional videos embedded directly into the document...
by Wicca at 19:31
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PRTA Server Department

The PRTA is proud to announce the creation of a new Department.
The PRTA Server Department.

Their goal is to create a free service for all the PRTA members, aswell as the PR Community. Which will include:

  • 0 Crashes
  • Creating server side scrips and tutorials.
  • Server Support, and technical assistance.
  • Lending Servers to PR community free.
  • Creating a PRTA wide Ban List.
  • Updating aswell as maintaing the PR patches on the alliances servers
This Department also has some interesting members, whose roster will be expanded too! Here is their current roster:

Head of Server Department:
Manager naikunaiku

Deputy StatusRed
Deputy Semtex
Deputy Petethesweet

Please contact any of them, if you wish to host events, servers or need help with your server.

// Wicca out
by PRTA Bot at 01:58
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The award winning Project Reality and Black Sand Studio teams are proud to announce the official release of Project Reality: Battlefield 2 v0.97!

After the release of Project Reality: BF2 v0.96, there were a few critical issues discovered that could not be resolved via a server side hotfix. So, it was decided to release a client patch to fix these issues.

Since PR:BF2 v0.97 is only a client-side patch and we want to release it as quick as possible, there is no preload period and the installer is not password protected. The files are available for all to download and install straight away via our official downloads page:

Download Project Reality: BF2 v0.97 Here
Please note the different types of installers on the official downloads page. If you...
by PRTA Bot at 16:12
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Welcome to the fifth edition of the PR: ArmA2 Highlights Reel!

Although this newsreel has been a while in coming, there has been a significant reason for this, the main one being there really was not too much to update on and also a large rethink of our priorities for v0.1. The team have continued however to work away in the background on a new Map, and as always constant improvements to the gameplay. Point to note, everything mentioned in this and any future news posts will now only relate to PR: ArmA2 v0.1 only.

- What Will be in the first release - v0.1

A lot of speculation has been thrown around recently as to what we will actually be releasing in our first version of PR: ArmA2. With a lot of updates over the last 12 months, talking about different concepts and models - like any new Mod, we have now prioritized what we will be releasing in v0.1. to that end the following will be released in PR: ArmA2 v0.1:
  • Unique PR Models
  • PR...
by PRTA Bot at 16:12
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Project Reality are proud to bring our Community some official Vanilla ArmA2 training prior to the release of PR: ArmA2 v0.1.

Sponsored by:


We will be holding open training nights over the coming weeks on vanilla Arma2 for all players new to this engine.

Training will start @ 20:00 BST (UK) / 1900 PRT every Monday and Wednesday evening, for the next few weeks as we build up towards a release.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to play the PR: ArmA2 Mod, from the PR: BF2 Community, and a place to get the "Basics" right prior to learning the PR style we all know.

Training will be broken down into two distinct sessions:

ArmA2 Boot Camp - This involves small group or one on one training where required / requested. The focus being on setting up Arma2 to run smooth plus a crash course on the keys, selecting weapons...