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by Wicca at 21:31
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PRTA - The Great Offensive - [3dAC]

200 Players
The Karez Offensive

Seamen, Soldiers and Airmen of the Project Reality Community. We have come to this point to which we have striven for these many months. Today is a day of infamy, history will remember us as the ones who made the changes we wanted to see in the world. Join us in this great offensive, the last of its kind this year. 200 players, one battle, dedicated squadleaders and commanders.​

The 30th of December 2011 1900 PRT
Will be the day of days.​

The Karez Offensive
This battle will take place on the Karez Offensive, Download here:​
Unrar it in PR/LEVELS/

Signup for PRTA and choose your platoon here:​
by semtex at 17:45
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by PRTA Bot at 02:02
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The award winning Project Reality and Black Sand Studio teams are proud to announce the official release of the Project Reality: BF2 v0.97 Map Pack!

Instead of releasing the usual Christmas themed map pack, we have decided to release a full-featured map pack including 4 brand new maps and 3 old favorites to help you celebrate the holiday season. These maps are a preview of what is to come in PR:BF2's next release, v1.0, anticipated to arrive later in 2012.

Thanks to several direct link providers, there are a number of mirrors available to download the map pack. You can also download via torrent, which is the recommended download method. You can find all of the download links here:


[​IMG] Torrent...
by Wicca at 23:55
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[3dAC] PRTA Mumble Server EU
In cooperation with [3dAC] 3rd Armored Cavalry a public server has been established. The server enforces PR Mumble and all other PRTA Rules and Regulations. The admins and reserved slots are shared with the PRTA community but [3dAC] is in charge of the server that includes maplist and banning issues. Curry-Chicken will manage this server, and is dealing with the day to day responsibility.
by Wicca at 23:06
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PRTA Presents
Christmas Gaming Week

The following people have dedicated time and a maplist for each day. With mumble enforced and teamwork we can make this a really special treat for everyone who plays on the PRTA servers!

We will use the new maps and the old as we try to give you players the best we can to make you think of other things than stressing in the christmas and dealing with your annoying family.

Join us on either the PRTA, SISU or [3dAC] Servers and help us make this a great holiday for all!

From all of PRTA, to the PR Community. A merry christmas, and a happy new year. Thank you Developers, testers and contributors alike for making this awesome mod! Happy holidays everyone.

Monday (Curry's BBQ & AAS night)

Tuesday (700k's Jewish party )

Wednesday (Ploddit's Infantry Night)...​
by PRTA Bot at 07:35
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After releasing 0.973 in August, the Project Reality team has been keeping busy making even more content for our award winning modification to Battlefield 2. To make things different this year, we have decided that instead of releasing the usual Christmas themed map pack, we would provide an early release of a few new maps that are ready now, ahead of our next anticipated release in 2012.

So, without further delay, the Project Reality team is proud to announce the PR: BF2 v0.973 Map Pack, which will be released on:

Saturday, December 17th, 2011 at 01:00:00
Approximate Release Time, UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
Included Maps
The following brand new maps will be included in the map pack:
  • Black Gold (4km)
  • Operation Marlin (2km)
  • Pavlovsk Bay (4km)
  • Vadso City (4km)

by Fryers at 19:14
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]CIA[ Heavy asset Event night

The event will be 4 maps, all with heavy assets and infantry.
Of course, not everyone likes to use a tank, which is why the maps will have support for infantry. Each map with have a commander for their team, anyone that wants to be a commander see information below.

The event will be open to all players and will be using the new PR Mumble 1.0 Beta. Anyone that wants to be a commander for the event, go to ciagaming.org and register then make a thread in general...
by Easton at 05:22
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A lot of players have been asking me about my role play sessions. As a result here is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) thread.

Limited seats?
Yes, the "Role Play Sessions" seats are limited to a first come first serve basis. Currently, we have 15 seats out of 25 taken. We have 10 seats available.

When do you role play?
We play 2 times a week using Arma 2 ACE. Once on the weekend and once on the weekday. No schedule set at this time. We play when we have more then 3 people on TS and when everyone wants to RP. Session times are organic/dynamic. When they happen they happen.

What do I need to Role Play with the team?
You need Teamspeak (TS), Arma2 with Operation Arrowhead, Sixupdater, ACE and Acre. Must speak English, Czech. or Slovak. to apply. All orders are translated into ENGLISH. See link below or contact me on TS for more information on how to proceed....
by Easton at 18:54
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PRTA (Project Reality Team Alliance) is serving the Arma 2 community with a public server. I would like to invite everyone to come check it out.

You will need the following;
Game: Arma 2
Programs: SixUpdater Latest stable version: 2.7;
Addons: ACE and 1.60 Arma 2 Patch (both downloaded and installed by SixUpdater.)

If you need assistance I will be happy to help. You can find me in PRTA's TS name is Easton.

Server is named; [PRTA] Project Reality Team Alliance

Hope to see you there!
Thank you.
by Wicca at 00:09
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Third light has been lit. And the week has gone by quite fast. Wicca have had work almost every day, and when it's not been work - it has been PR. Well, no shock there :wink: We managed to squeeze in a trip to my little brothers school for their Christmas auction. There we could buy food and other things pupils have made ​​themselves, and we could win prizes on tickets. But we won nothing. The money went to an orphanage that I don't remember where is.
Anyways, I have gotten mail from one of the main hospitals in Oslo - I'm having a genetic test in a few weeks. I'm going to be closely monitored since there is so much cancer in my family. I've also worked - packing letters and updating the lists and so on. I've baked Christmas cookies with my mom - we made caramels, sand-cakes and something called berlin-cookies - it's cookies with pearl sugar on top. It tastes really nice, but the first Berlin-cookies didn't turn out very well... (As you can see, this has become this week meme) my...​