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Hi Squaddies,

As we're rushing to squash the last few bugs and tweak in some more optimisation improvements we want to get you, the player, as informed as possible on what to expect in Alpha 9.

New Vehicles
Reference sheet for existing vehicles



Seats two people and is rather expendable. This tool will allow your scouts, spotters and ambushers to get to more places, quicker. With the highly anticipated mines and IEDs right around the corner, now is the time to...
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PRTA Presents: OneLife on Muttrah | [ The Video]

You didn't miss it, did you?

Once again a notoriously frightening OneLife Event created by "I'll-test-in-the-evening" Arnoldio took place.
It has been a ball shaking experience again and we know you can't wait to see some footage from it. Of course this match has been recorded by deviro. This time it's going to be double POV with additional footage made by Siltics.

We would like to thank everyone who helped realizing this great event. Special thanks goes out to our tech guys Sloan and tobi-the-fraggel and our whole admin team. This wouldn't be the event it is without your contribution.

In order to keep events like this happening regularly and to simply aliment our precious and beloved services, aka servers and software...
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Hello PRT Community!

First of all, due the downtime of realitymod.com we were not able to post an announcement about the ending of Operation 2 and because the first battle of Operation 3 has already been played, you will get a report of this battle as well.

The battle for Grozny finished the second Operation and can be reviewed HERE. Both teams started with a cautious deployment, settling in along the river dividing the map, probing for opportunities. When APN managed to breach the defensive line and establish a bridgehead, they seized the opportunity and forced EMC to abandon their positions, securing a strong position on the other side of the river. While EMC came close to retaking the area during multiple offensives, APN managed to hold their firm grip on the territory, closing the battle with a 201 ticket lead....
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It was brought to our attention approx 2 weeks ago that one our QA members was using QA debug commands on a debug enabled server during a clan/community competitive event. Although there is no proof of ill intent (and the member outed themselves by posting video of them trying to help spot a glitcher during the event) we still take the very action of exercising the debug commands on the server as a serious matter.

This was definitely a breach of trust committed against us OWI and in a different way against the community. We have taken time to consider the outcomes and have decided on the following actions to ensure: 1. The person in question is punished for the actions taken (regardless of intent) 2. OWI and the community are protected from this happening again.

1. The offending QA member has been demoted and will be on probation with OWI for the next 6 months. Any additional issues will result in the members removal from QA.

2.The QA team will be restructured so that we...
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This small update provides additional fixes and changes to improve the game since the PR:BF2 v1.4 launch.

v1.4.5.0 is available now for servers and will soon be available to clients through the automated updater.

PR:BF2 v1.4.5.0 Changelog (2017/February/12)

  • Added option in PR Launcher settings to disable LOD switching for static objects. Experimental to test performance impact.
  • Updated Clear Server Favorites/History on Launch now also clears server logo cache.
  • Added new WHOT/BHOT switching for thermals in vehicles and weapons featuring this.
  • Fixed asset overview not correctly showing decimal spawn times.
  • Fixed commander laser marker not working.
  • Fixed snow effects showing HOT on thermal.
  • Fixed various weapons and vehicles not having proper muzzle flashes on night layers.

  • Fixed being able to get more than one rally point.
  • Fixed being able to spawn on...
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One-Life Event - Golden Beach


PRTA Presents: One-Life Event - Golden Beach | 18:00 PRT, 18th FEBRUARY 2017


Server: PRTA | EU - OneLife Event
Server Password: onelife
Map: Muttrah City Alt
Time/Date: 18:00 PRT, 18th FEBRUARY 2017

The situation

US presence in the gulf of Oman is at an all-time high as the coast are littered...
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Get your winter camos ready!



PRTA Presents: Winter Map Event & New Server | 18:00 PRT, Friday 27th - late Sunday 29th

Servers: Modern Conflict & Legacy Operations
Server Password: legacy
Time/Date: From 18:00 PRT Friday 27th January 2017

Winter is here!

It's again time for snow battles: PRTA continues the tradition of winter map event.

Welcome, welcome, to the annual winter games; and by winter games we mean Project Reality's winter map pack! The days may be getting longer...
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Hello PRT Community!

The first battle of the second operation has been played!

This battle saw excellent use of stationary assets from both teams, from using TOWs by EMC to Machine Gun emplacements by APN. EMC lead in tickets almost the entire round, but APN fought admirably, you can watch it all back here
Ultimately the game went to EMC with a final score of 0 - 187.




We are currently playing Operation Stronghold, as you can see on our operation page, the second map of this operation is Grozny....​
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UPDATE 8.10 Hotfix (12 January 2016)

Yesterday an exploit in the RCON implementation allowing attackers to crash servers has been found. This exploit is fixed now and RCON can be used again. Here are all changes:

  • Moved "exit" and "disconnect" buttons in the main menu to the lower right corner since the top bar was too small for some localizations
  • Changed collision settings on some bushes on Kokan that were causing vehicles to go airborne
  • Fixed US/RU razor wires not slowing players
  • Added check to RCON authentication to prevent malicious packets from crashing it