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PRTA Presents: Inter Unit Battle | 18:00 PRT, Sunday 13th MAY


Server: PRTA|Inter Unit Battle
Map: Dovre Summer Std
Time/Date: 18:00 PRT Sunday 13th May 2018
Server Password: TBA

Who's The King of the Hill in PRTA?

PRTA is excited to announce the 3rd Inter-Unit Battle! This time we take to the quiet forests of Norway, as Dutch and Russian task forces...
by PRTA Bot at 18:56
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PRTA goes rogue!


PRTA Presents: Arma3 Antistasi Introductory Event | 18:00 PRT, 12th MAY

Viva la revolución!

Some of you have already been enjoying the occasional and improvised Arma 3 coop session here on PRTA. This time it's official: Join us as we take on the full might of the AAF army to fight for liberty on the Aegean island of Altis!

Guerilla warfare

The mission we're going to be playing is "Antistasi", a persistent guerilla scenario with asymmetric warfare. Players will need to be on their wits as they take on a better equipped and overwhelmingly larger force. They will be brought up to speed on the mechanics of the...
by PRTA Bot at 16:33
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Greetings everyone! Today we are happy to provide you all with this highly anticipated update.
It took us a while but we believe this will answer many of your requests for better performance in PR:BF2. We currently have limited testing capabilities, but based on QA Feedback from everyone we have seen quite a remarkable improvement in performance with this patch! If you would like to help us with this and other testing, join the testing team!

The improvements in FPS comes from moving the logic behind some of the UI elements (BUIS, scope effects, thermals, etc) from in-game to the back-end PR service (which runs the PR Launcher and Mumble connection).
This improvement moves the HUD logic to run on a separate CPU core which improves speed and reduces stuttering while allowing the main game to have more freedom in using the primary core.

Given the experimental state of these changes we decided to...
by PRTA Bot at 19:48
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PRTA Needs You on the Front!

PRTA Presents: Community Battle - PRTA versus FESA | 19:00 PRT, Saturday 28th APRIL


Server: PRTA vs FESA
Map: Shijia Valley Std
Time/Date: 19:00 PRT Saturday 28th APRIL 2018
Server Password: TBA

We are excited to announce an event, where PRTA bands its different clans together as one to verse another PR community. During this event, we will be versing the South American...
by PRTA Bot at 20:16
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Get to play one of the unreleased maps!

PRTA Presents: Map Test Event - Operation Falcon | 18:00 PRT, 20th APRIL 2018


Server: PRTA - Operation Falcon Event
Time/Date: From 18:00 PRT Friday 20th April 2018
Server Password: birds
Map: Operation Falcon

Russia and The Netherlands go head to head in the forests of Kaliningrad!

We are honored...
by PRTA Bot at 20:36
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Server Maintenance

PRTA Downtime: Server Maintenance 13th 14th of April 0900 UTC.

Server Host, our server infrastructure requires maintenance from time to time, we found the time period specified to be the best for us. The Project Reality Server, teamspeak and forum will be down tomorrow for a duration of time. If the downtime for some reason stretches out in time feel free to use our discord @ discord.prta.co or visit the realitymod.com forum for your daily community dose.

All events that we have planned for this weekend will go forward as planned, and as such we are all looking forward to seeing you at the one-life event, and on teamspeak. :smile: ...
by PRTA Bot at 10:15
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One-Life Event - Comeback


PRTA Presents: One-Life Event - Comeback| 18:00 PRT, 14th APRIL 2018


Server: PRTA | EU - OneLife Event
Server Password: onelife
Map: Kashan Desert AAS Inf
Time/Date: 18:00 PRT, 14th APRIL 2018

The situation

The long standing storage facilities in the Kashan desert were evacuated after a successful covert operation by Delta Force operators, which resulted in minor radiation in the area.

Now the the surrounding area...
by PRTA Bot at 15:53
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PRT Campaign 13
Sbeneh Outskirts

Sbeneh saw a high level of intense close quarters combat, with both teams trying their best to overcome the constant influx of reinforcements to the main flags. While RPX initially found themselves capturing the Crossroads flag, the flag was never truly secure, with VOG managing to hold their own ground within the area. These VOG squads eventually managed to capture the flag for themselves, and with another squad on the next flag successfully managing to neutralise, things were starting to look difficult for RPX. With a rapid response, however, RPX successfully managed to secure their backline and make a push on to Crossroads, capturing that as well. With these flags under their control, a bold attempt for VOG's final flag was made by RPX but they couldn't quite manage to clear it out, eventually resulting in their loss.


by PRTA Bot at 19:26
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A very long time ago we ran into some issues with our infrastructure, at which point we talked about moving our services like the PR MasterServer, our back-end development tools and this website to a new server with better distributed access within the team, enhanced security and lower costs.

It took us a while, but thanks to the help of [R-DEV]TheRealFritz and [R-CON]Senshi we have finally transferred the final piece, the website you are on now! You won't notice much at this point outside of perhaps a few things not working (make sure to report them in this thread!). But over the next few months we plan to do some necessary improvements and upgrades to the forum software, security like HTTPS and perhaps some nice new features.

We are glad this is finally behind us to secure the future of this great...
by PRTA Bot at 22:42
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PRT Campaign 13

With both teams opting for an aggressive deployment, things got heated rather quickly for the second round of Saaremaa. The initial fighting quickly bounced between the two contested flags, with a constant back and forth of the teams trying to secure what they could. Eventually both teams managed to settle down on their own respective flags, with VOG taking the lead in tickets, but this didn't last for long as the pressure was almost immediately back on. Orissaare finally found itself out of focus when Runway Perimeter became the main point of contention. RPX had successfully managed to get VOG on the back foot territorially, managing to capture VOG's second flag. While VOG did eventually manage to temporarily reduce RPX's control of the area and flip the flag neutral, it wasn't permanent as RPX's counter attack found themselves back in control once again. With this new front line established RPX attempted to push their...