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Hi guys, first of all, thank you so much for your patience over the years. It's been a long time since the beta and we know you're anxiously waiting for updates or better yet, a release date. Unfortunately, the release isn't ready just yet, but we wanted to give you some information about what we're working on. Do note that everything you see here is a work in progress and can change before we release.

With no more delay, here's a peek of what we're preparing for the inclusion of WW2 into PR v1.6.


M10 Wolverine


Originally created by the Battlegroup42 mod (BF1942 mod team) and brought to the BF2 engine by Anthony and his team. We plan to implement it into PR alongside other vehicles we could potentially use.

With about...
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A Grand Campaign!

PRTA Presents: A Grand Campaign | 14:00 PRT, Saturday 16th June


Time/Date: 14:00 PRT Sunday 16th June 2018
Password: TBA
Time frame: 5-6 hours
Where to meet: ts.prta.co - HOI 4 Channel

Who will win the war?

We are thrilled to announce PRTA's first ever Hearts of Iron IV Multiplayer game! Our goal for this play through is to provide a historically accurate multiplayer game of HOI4, where player decisions can change the outcome of the war.

The game will be on rails for first couple of years to ensure we achieve...
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Yamalia was introduced to Project Reality in v0.9 as one of the maps to feature the new Canadian forces faction. A map featuring a vast forested area it has been subject of performance issue reports throughout the years. For this update we've again done our thing with trees, reducing them to an acceptable count but more importantly we've given it a visual makeover as Yamalia will now be a snow map.

Combining existing 3D and 2D snow assets from Dovre Winter and some excellent new ones made by [R-DEV]Mr.VdHeide the map now features updated snow pine trees and a bumpier terrain inside the forests while mostly retaining the original layout. Snow textures for Russian forces, US Army and Canadian forces have been created for this map.

Original map by Deer
Map update by [R-DEV]Outlawz7
Snow textures by [R-DEV]Mr.VdHeide...
by PRTA Bot at 22:24
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Time to Mobilize!

PRTA Presents: Community Battle: PRTA vs Russian Reality Pros | 17:00 PRT, Sunday 20th MAY


Server: PRTA vs Russian Reality Pro's
Map: Iron Ridge AAS Std
Time/Date: 17:00 PRT Sunday 20th MAY 2018
Server Password: TBA

We are excited to announce another community battle, where PRTA bands its different units together, this time against Russian Reality Pros.

The competetive match will be played on the new Iron Ridge AAS Standard...
by PRTA Bot at 19:45
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Do you have what it takes to be a squad leader?

PRTA Presents: Squad Leader Training with Frontliner | 18:00 PRT, Saturday 19th MAY


Server: PRTA Training
Map: TBA
Time/Date: 18:00 PRT Saturday 19th May 2018
Server Password: TBA

Dear community member,

Are you sick of watching squad leaders who attack flags not in play, build super FOBs next to main with no intent to play the objectives, have no...
by PRTA Bot at 20:47
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PRTA Presents: Inter Unit Battle | 18:00 PRT, Sunday 13th MAY


Server: PRTA|Inter Unit Battle
Map: Dovre Summer Std
Time/Date: 18:00 PRT Sunday 13th May 2018
Server Password: TBA

Who's The King of the Hill in PRTA?

PRTA is excited to announce the 3rd Inter-Unit Battle! This time we take to the quiet forests of Norway, as Dutch and Russian task forces...
by PRTA Bot at 18:56
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PRTA goes rogue!


PRTA Presents: Arma3 Antistasi Introductory Event | 18:00 PRT, 12th MAY

Viva la revolución!

Some of you have already been enjoying the occasional and improvised Arma 3 coop session here on PRTA. This time it's official: Join us as we take on the full might of the AAF army to fight for liberty on the Aegean island of Altis!

Guerilla warfare

The mission we're going to be playing is "Antistasi", a persistent guerilla scenario with asymmetric warfare. Players will need to be on their wits as they take on a better equipped and overwhelmingly larger force. They will be brought up to speed on the mechanics of the...
by PRTA Bot at 16:33
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Greetings everyone! Today we are happy to provide you all with this highly anticipated update.
It took us a while but we believe this will answer many of your requests for better performance in PR:BF2. We currently have limited testing capabilities, but based on QA Feedback from everyone we have seen quite a remarkable improvement in performance with this patch! If you would like to help us with this and other testing, join the testing team!

The improvements in FPS comes from moving the logic behind some of the UI elements (BUIS, scope effects, thermals, etc) from in-game to the back-end PR service (which runs the PR Launcher and Mumble connection).
This improvement moves the HUD logic to run on a separate CPU core which improves speed and reduces stuttering while allowing the main game to have more freedom in using the primary core.

Given the experimental state of these changes we decided to...
by PRTA Bot at 19:48
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PRTA Needs You on the Front!

PRTA Presents: Community Battle - PRTA versus FESA | 19:00 PRT, Saturday 28th APRIL


Server: PRTA vs FESA
Map: Shijia Valley Std
Time/Date: 19:00 PRT Saturday 28th APRIL 2018
Server Password: TBA

We are excited to announce an event, where PRTA bands its different clans together as one to verse another PR community. During this event, we will be versing the South American...
by PRTA Bot at 20:16
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Get to play one of the unreleased maps!

PRTA Presents: Map Test Event - Operation Falcon | 18:00 PRT, 20th APRIL 2018


Server: PRTA - Operation Falcon Event
Time/Date: From 18:00 PRT Friday 20th April 2018
Server Password: birds
Map: Operation Falcon

Russia and The Netherlands go head to head in the forests of Kaliningrad!

We are honored...