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The Project Reality Teamwork Alliance

The community takes its name from the popular Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality. Some members of this community have been involved with it for it's entire lifetime. PRTA's most important virtude is (you guessed it), teamwork! We also love competitive games.

One thing that's unique in this community is the unit system. The units range from Russian speaking clans, Australian cults, loose groups of friends and anything in between. PRTA's management group is more or less the same, being consisted of managers from all over the world.

Project Reality Teamwork Alliance, also known as just PRTA, was created to give multiple clans and communities a concept to rally up behind, a platform to organize events and improve the general level of teamwork in Project Reality. The PRTA community was founded the 5th of October 2010. During that time the community has organized several tournaments, countless events and hosted public servers on Project Reality. It has grown from a small group of managers and admins in the beginning numbering at around 15, to during the mid 2012 being a 200 member strong community, and today running a very popular Project Reality Server and having around 400 members in this great community from all over the world. An active TeamSpeak server and forum has brought alot of people toghether and made us a very close and friendly community. But there will always be drama with people so be warned.


Want to organize an event? PRTA has the numbers and the tools to make even the craziest ideas come alive. We can provide servers, help with promotion and planning, and our large community can make sure we have the numbers of players needed to make it a very successful event. PRTA runs a competitive PR team, called the PRTA Battlegroup, it's currently in "sleep mode", to let the WoF tournament prevail. As mentioned above, we organise the WoF ("War of the Factions") Tournament, you can learn more about it (and even join it :biggrin:) at "prtournament.com".

PRTA's Goals

  1. PRTA strives to improve the general teamwork capabilities of all players on our servers. We believe that communication and coordination is what makes a good round in Project reality.
  2. PRTA wants to create a environment were players can experience exciting and enjoyable game play.
  3. Members of PRTA are encouraged to different games together, and the alliance will try to provide support for the games we choose to play.
The community has 4 main groups or roles in the community, Members, Unit Leaders, Red-Tags and Management (Blue-tags). These are contained within Units, several Admin Teams and the Management.


Project Reality Teamwork Alliance is, as is hinted in the name, an alliance made up of multiple units. As a unit, you get access to your own forum and your own TeamSpeak channel on our official TeamSpeak server. Also, you may reserve one of our PRBF2 servers for your own training. Units are independent, as long as they follow our general rules on our official servers and forums. Each and every unit is responsible for their own recruitment, PRTA only provides a platform to recruit from. So, either sign up your Unit today, or form a new one within the community! For signing up a unit, use this form.

It is completely up to units, how important or not important they would like to be. It all depends on participation.

PRTA has so many units because of being independent. This might sound paradox, the point is, that units want to run a server, they want to run clan wars, they want to run events, they want to have a social network and so on and so forth. One of the main reasons why this many of them would not be successful is that they simply don't have the personnel for all this. That's why 5 years ago a few smaller EU clans decided to work together as none of them would be able to accomplish being an 'all-inclusive' community alone.

Therefore joining PRTA is not about giving up freedom or independence. It's about getting to the next level.


No community can be better than it's members. Therefore, we consider our members the core and essence of PRTA, and in a way, our most important asset. We strive to give members of PRTA room to expand their own ideas by providing technical support and a organization to jump start projects from. Being a democratic community, members have the right to vote on proposals put forth that affect the whole community, along with writing up proposals on their own. Members can also request a reserved slot on our PRBF2 servers, as well as utilizing other services provided by PRTA. Join PRTA by following this link.

PRTA Member Benefits

  1. Receive a reserved slot on our PR Servers.
  2. Gain the ability to vote on PRTA issues.
  3. Servers for use in training or events.

PRTA Member Requirements

  1. Be active on our Teamspeak server and on our forums.
  2. Seed our servers as best you can!

Unit Leader

Every Unit in PRTA has atleast one Leader, which is someone that leads the Unit they belong to. Leaders are appointed by the unit itself and are granted a few extra permissions in order to aid the unit management, such as the right to move users on the Unit channel on Teamspeak, and access to a leader specific part of our forum, where discussions related to Units are held.

PRTA Leader Benefits

  1. Receive a reserved slot on our PR servers.
  2. Gain the ability to vote on PRTA issues.
  3. Can request servers for training and events.

PRTA Leader Requirements

  1. Be active on Teamspeak and on our forums.
  2. Manage and represent the unit.
  3. Act in a mature and responsible way, appropriate for the role.


PRTA has several groups related with administration, commonly refered as "red-tag" groups, like both our PRBF2 admin teams, our Forum Moderation team, our VFX team, our coding team, and more! They can all be applied for in the "Join us" Section of our forums. Here's a quick summary of some of them:

  • Server Administrators - Probably the most common and numerous groups, they take care of our game servers. Their responsibilities include maintaining the quality of the gameplay on our servers, making sure their rules are up-to-date and voting on wether new admins are accepted or not.
  • Forum Moderators - This team makes sure our forums are spam free, arguments are as fact-based as they can be and no nasty stuff is posted. They'll make you think twice before misbehaving around here.
  • Media Team - These guys make our banners, videos and pretty much everything we need media-wise.
  • Coders - Implement various pieces of in-house software, including the control system behind the servers which enables our game servers and forums to be integrated.
  • Testers - Test maps made by Mappers, gamemodes and servers that are about to be launched, and anything that needs to be tested before publishing it.

Management (Blue-tag)

In a sense, the managers are both the top and the bottom of the alliance. They have the highest permissions of all user, but their task is to take care of the day-to-day issues that the community has, maintaining our assets, along with improving the technical aspects of PRTA. Managers are, in essence, high ranking working ants. Since being a manager gives you direct access to our assets, such as our PRBF2 server, managers are required to act in a mature way, always trying to make PRTA the best community it can possibly be. The PRTA Managers also have access to the "Senate" - a management-only section of the forums, where the most important votes regarding the PRTA community (and some times, even more people) and held. This to show how democratic our community is. The PRTA Managers are always expected to be mature, very active and to always look out for the community's interests.

PRTA Manager Requirements

  1. Be active on our Teamspeak server and on the forums.
  2. Act in a mature and responsible way.
  3. Work on tasks in the Management Forum.
  4. Have a open mind and the will to learn new things to help PRTA grow.

PRTA Manager's Goals

  1. Help creating an environment where suggestions from the community can come to life.
  2. Maintaining and improving assets owned by PRTA.
  3. Always treat members with patience and utmost professionalism.
  4. To have an approachable and friendly behavior.

So, this is PRTA. Hopefuly this piece of text helped you understand what we are and what we do.

PRTA Management

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